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Remote Jog

For Smart-Phone “Remote Jog”, jog shuttle type vehicle mounted remote controlled via Bluetooth smartphone as a remote control product, is the manipulation of dedicated applications using wireless vehicle BT pairing the smartphone.With a simple remote control operation when using the smartphone navigation applications, phone incoming / outgoing and music player on the screen during playback with the touch of a hand, to relieve the discomfort.


We comprehensive hardware platforms, and the most appropriate software solutions to the hardware in order to provide the most effective multimedia solutions.

We specialize in enabling multimedia on numerous devices, various operating systems and platforms.from Windows to Embedded Linux OS, from set-top boxes to Mobile devices.

Gstreamer Plug-In for Embedded Linux

GStreamer is a framework for creating streaming media applications. The fundamental design comes from the video pipeline at Oregon Graduate Institute, as well as some ideas from DirectShow. GStreamer’s development framework makes it possible to write any type of streaming multimedia application. The GStreamer framework is designed to make it easy to write applications that handle audio or video or both. It isn’t restricted to audio and video, and can process any kind of data flow. The pipeline design is made to have little overhead above what the applied filters induce. This makes GStreamer a good framework for designing even high-end audio applications which put high demands on latency. One of the most obvious uses of GStreamer is using it to build a media player. GStreamer already includes components for building a media player that can support a very wide variety of formats, including MP3, Ogg/Vorbis,MPEG-1/2, AVI, Quicktime, mod, and more. GStreamer, however, is much more than just another media player. Its main advantages are that the pluggable components can be mixed and matched into arbitrary pipelines so that it’s possible to write a full-fledged video or audio editing application.